Sciensation 1310


‘SCIENSATIONBIO’ is an interactive and hands-on learning programme intended to promote understanding of biotechnology & life sicences and develope appreciation to the application of science in our daily lives.

BioAcademy via this programme aims to introduce the subject matter to the public & school students through simple and fun activities to increase interest in S.T.E.M. learning.

This programme encourages the public & school students to meet with Bioacademy facilitators to disseminate and share biotechnology knowledge, experience and obtaining useful information which will enable them to develope an interest to pursue their studies in biotechnology thus enriching our Nation with talent pool in biobased & biotechnology industry.


Increasing interest, awareness and appreciation among the public & school students to the impact of science in our daily life.

Strengthening the link between biotechnology and its application and importance to everyday life based on the theme ‘Biotechnology – Fuel,Feed,Heal the World’

Promoting the potential of careers in biobased & biotechnology industry to public, teachers & school students